File.Open failed: can't open for read and write simultaneously

I keep getting this error message when trying to use filebot with files stored inside the mount on Windows 7.

I have a ubuntu VM using samba to share my mount folder with Windows. File explorar can see the files, open, delete,create and rename but somehow filebot can’t.

Is there any workaround or another way to achieve what I want ( be able to work with my files decrypted locally in Windows 7 with crypt ) ?

You could use filebot in linux to overcome this problem with samba.

What do you mean ? I want to use a GUI for that, to know exactly what is happening and so on…

You can see it in CLI as well before committing changes.

I managed to make it work server side.

I noticed the default path for filebot was {home}/Media/{plex} so it was copying the files to my PC and then renaming it.

I just needed to change to W:mount/ and now it’s being done server-side. By the way it only works with a mapped drive ( and so samba) SFTP failed to do that