File name encryption modes

According to the Rclone documentation, there are 3 ways to encrypt the protection name. I looked at the documentation that is interested in the algorithm to (I did not understand the documentation very much) Can anyone know more about how the encryption of the marked directory or algorithm works if you want?

What in particular are you interested in?

Tell me which bit of the docs you didn't understand and I will try to explain.

I'm more interested in how directory name encryption works. According to the documentation, Rclone uses 3 modes. "off" I understand that, then "standard" here uses 256 bit AES and the third mode "obfuscation" I don't really understand it. Can't you bring me closer to how this "obfuscation" mod works in Rclone?

Obfuscation mixes letters around so

  • 'a' might become '2'
  • 'b' might become 'Z'
  • etc

The letters chosen can be unicode characters.

The mapping used depends on your password.

This isn't a secure encryption method but it satisfies the properties

  • the file names are different to the originals
  • you can't instantly work out what the original file names are
  • the file names aren't made very much longer (unlike the encrypted method).

Hope that makes sense!

I think that the term "filename encryption" causes some confusion. Somehow it give the impression that rclone does not encrypt the file itself (its content) but only its name. Perhaps it should be explicitly and clearly mentioned in the docs that the standard encryption mode literally means full file encryption and not solely filename encryption.

You can decided whether to encrypt the files and the contents independently.

So filename encryption is just referring to the names of the files here.

But standard mode does encrypt the contents of the file, doesn't it? Or am I misunderstanding something here? Doesn't the section File encryption in rclone crypt docs (see here) refer to the standard mode?

It just refers to how the file name is encrypted. The data is encrypted whatever file name encryption mode you chose.

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