File movement from multiple servers to same gdrive

Hi, I have a use case to use 2 radarr from 2 seperate servers and to copy the files to the same gdrive in parallel. My problem is, though the rclone is mounted on two different servers, only one is working at a time. I one server, i can't use --allow-others because of the lack of permission. Is there any restrictions like this? Is there any way to do this 2 copy process in parallel?


You could use rclone copy or rclone move to move the files, you don't need rclone mount.

Thanks Nick. I will try. Will this allow to move files to same gdrive in parallel from two different servers?


Yes it should do if you use rclone move or rclone copy - don't use rclone sync from two places at the same time to the same directory.

Thanks Nick. Sorry for being a noob. I went through some examples after getting your first response. Currently with mount, I am doing all this with out any kind of scripts. Radarr is doing all work for me including moving the files. So when rclone move in place, don't I need a script for automating this? I have multiple folders jn gdrive based on language, type etc


I don't have any experience with Radarr I'm afraid... Is there a script you can run when it finishes downloading things?

The other thing we could work on is why the mount doesn't work - you should be able to have it mounted on two different servers, no problem.

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