File encryption?

After coming across the dreaded file name too long while moving from dropboxremote: to dropboxcrypt: I came across the thread here: Rclone vfs cache says file name too long - #5 by ncw

This leads me to believe that I do not fully understand the encryption process. After reading this, I now think that the files themselves are not encrypted when uploaded; instead, the names are obfuscated using an encryption method. In my mind, this is the only thing that makes sense if you can perform a serverside-only move.

Please post your dropboxremote and dropboxcrypt config here (from rclone.config file)

and command you try when "moving from dropboxremote: to dropboxcrypt: "

by default, rclone encrypts the contents of files and the filenames.

rclone offers a lot of flexibility.
--- you can encrypt the contents but not encrypt the filenames.
--- you can encrypt or obfuscate the filenames but not encrypt the contents.

rclone can server-side move the file, same as any other file.

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