[Feature Request]: pass remote configuration options via cli parameters

I don’t currently see a way to define a remote in-line. I would love to request the feature if it doesn’t currently exist. My use case is such:

I have 100 GDSA ( google drive service accounts) which I use to access about 60 Team Drives. The 60 Team Drives are all encrypted. To be able to use any one of the GDSAs with any one of the Team Drives is possible, but not easy. I don’t want to have to hard-map a single GDSA to a single Team Drive. The burden only multiplies with the addition of crypt across the drives.

What I’d like to be able to see added to rclone is the ability to specify the remote configuration options in-line when calling rclone. Then I could script more easily around rclone and better control the configuration of the remotes at run time – being able to mix and match GDSAs (in JSON files) with remotes that are dynamically established at the time of calling the program through the parameters I’d pass in.

You can configure a remote entirely with environment variables which should be amenable to scripting.

I’m currently working on unifying the 3 config methods of rclone - config file, environment variables and flags so you’ll be able to do anything everywhere. I’m not there yet though!

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