Feature Request : Copy To Opposite 'Window' context menu in Rclone GUI

Hiya folks. Long time no see. I believe you all are getting more awesome by day :slight_smile:

The experimental Rclone GUI really works! I am planning to continue using it since Kodi Gdrive broke in my phone haha.
My use case involve copying "iso" mkv files on demand from Drive to local (seedbox) and it works great just by drag and drop if you use it from PC.

However, I tried this function in a mobile phone browsers which still has no proper drag and drop support. It is currently not possible. It would really benefit all of us if there were an additional button or context menu called "Copy To..." that can select one file and transfer by copy to another open 'Window' (the opposite lane configured remote). Thanks again and I hope the team will consider adding this function.

I suggest you propose a feature request here: GitHub - rclone/rclone-webui-react: A full fledged UI for the rclone cloud sync tool - sounds like a useful addition!

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