Feature request: copy/move remote files to new name on same server

Hello, new user, thanks!

I understand that rclone is primarily used for copying entire directories. However, since you've done the bulk of the legwork with integrating into my preferred service (OpenDrive) I'd like to request a new flag for the single-file mode where it doesn't treat the last part of the destination as a folder, but rather a new name for output file.

I have a project serving files from a single pool into multiple different folder for distinctly different processes - I'd like to just consult the local database for a simple rclone copy from a "master file" to the new remote name.

Thanks again for the wonderful service!

Perhaps rclone copyto is what you want?

There is a corresponding moveto as well.

yep, i JUST happened across this old post: Rclone copy single file but renamed

Thanks for the quick response!

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