[Feature request] Cache directory tree upon startup

Hello, are there any plans to implement a mount option to cache the entire directory tree upon startup?

This is very useful in case of any applications that recursively list any part of the mount soon after startup.

I know that it can be done with rclone rc with:

rclone rc vfs/refresh --fast-list recursive=true --rc-addr="" _async=true

Any plan to introduce this as a convenient mount option? Seems like a useful feature. And are there any problems with this being the default? Without this refresh, something like tree or find command are very slow on the mounted drive for the first list.

Finding out this behavior can be achieved with remote control took me some time, and it might be helpful for many people if this is a separate option.

Another useful feature would be to store the directory tree structure in cache and load it back on startup.

It exist already. Use --vfs-refresh flag. There is no need to use rc for this.

Does not exist yet but is definitely possible. Maybe one day somebody will implement it.

Oh, great. I have seen rc being suggested for this case almost everywhere for this. Is this new?

Check release notes to find out when it was released.