Feature Request: Batch copyto/moveto

Hello again!

Is it possible to create a list (ala --files-from) where rclone will understand that it should copy/move the source file to a new name? While I can certainly create a loop it would be far more efficient to just reuse the same connection.

Thanks in advance!

You can't do this directly with --files-from at the moment and you are right a loop would be inefficient.

You can use the api though, so run a persistent rclone with rclone rcd and then issue operations/copyfile commands, eg

rclone rc operations/copyfile srcFs=/ srcRemote=/path/to/file dstFs=remote: dstRemote=path/to/filename

You can run this asynchronously too with the _async flag.

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Thanks again! I'll definitely read through those docs and see what I can find. :slight_smile:

I'm officially in love. Everything is working like a dream!

The _async flag is wonderful, I can keep processing and just hand off the job! The json returns makes it easy to capture+parse the shell output, too. These features, the scriptibility, and the focus on data integrity just blow me away.

I'm really impressed with how powerful this itty bitty program is. <3

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:blush: glad you are enjoying it!

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