Feature Request: Arweave support for backup

Hello World

I believe it would be really cool if one could perform backups to arweave using rclone. Arweave is one of those permaweb project that in my opinion is pretty competent and actually works. There is an Arweave hackathon going on right now and I plan on participating in it using my own project DentropyCloud. It is my goal to use PGP and do backups to Arweave. When I told me friend about my hackathon plan he told me about rclone. I want to help fund a gitcoin bounty of at least 0.5 Ethereum so that Arweave is added to rclone. In order to create this gitcoin bounty I need a github issue and in order to get a github issue it was recommended I post here first.

What do you call think?

I think it is definitely worth making a github issue about :slight_smile:

If you can dig up any relevant links and stick them in the issue that would be helpful too.

@ncw I have posted on github https://github.com/rclone/rclone/issues/4462

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