Feature request: Allow empty unions

If you try to create a union that has no upstreams, rclone tells you "This value is required and has no default." I was hoping to create such unions, hoping that trying to do operations on them would be no-op.

The reason I want to do this is to make it easier to make and maintain unions of unions (and so on). For example:

Let's say I have three "real" remotes: Dropbox:, Google:, and Amazon:. I pay Google and Amazon, but my Dropbox account is free and therefore has a low storage limit. I want to backup all my stuff to both Google and Amazon, but only certain small things to Dropbox.

To make this easier, I could create a Big: union of Google: and Amazon, and an All: union of Dropbox:, Google:, and Amazon:. However, since unions can contain unions, it would be even easier if I were to instead make All: a union of Big: and Dropbox:. The benefit there is that if I ever add another big "real" remote, I only have to modify the definition of Big:, not the definitions of both Big: and All:.

But note that unions are allowed to have a single entry, so I can make it even easier to maintain by creating a Small: union with just Dropbox: in it, and making All: a union of Big: and Small: instead of Big: and Dropbox:. That way, if I ever add another small "real" remote, I only have to modify the definition of Small:, not the definitions of both All: and Small:.

So that's great as far as it goes, but now how about if I eventually want to add OneDrive, which I pay for, and so is not "small", but it's also not "big", as it has a hard cap on storage, unlike Amazon and Google. Then (as it currently stands) I would add a "real" OneDrive: and a union Medium: which contains OneDrive:, modify All: to contain Big:, Medium:, and Small:, and maybe even add another union, MediumAndAbove:, being Big: and Medium:.

But if empty unions were allowed (and were essentially no-op), I could've set up Medium: before I ever got a OneDrive account. And I could have set up All: to include Medium: right from the start, and that way if I ever add a medium remote, all I have to do is modify the definition of Medium:.

Or even better, I could set up an empty MediumAndAbove:, and defined All: not as Big:, Medium:, and Small:, but Big: and MediumAndAbove:. This would make it easier to maintain if I ever wanted to add, say, Biggish:.

And to be clear, this "space" sort of thing is just an example. I actually want to do multiple different kinds of things, some unrelated to the file storage limits, that would be easier if empty unions were allowed.

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Or I guess an alternative, perhaps more flexible, would be to allow a no-op remote. Then you could define a union of a single no-op.


Where I wrote...

note that unions are allowed to have a single entry

... that was an assumption based on the fact that rclone config will allow you to create a union of one entry, whereas it will not allow you to create a union of zero entries. But now that I'm actually trying it out, I see that rclone will complain about a single-member union when you try to actually do something with it (such as rclone lsf).

So, this feature request should really be "Allow empty and single-member unions".

A single entry union is probably better described with an alias backend.

I guess you could make a noop alias if you pointed it to a non existing directory in a place you don't have permission to create directories.

Right, I'm currently using aliases to get around the fact that single-member unions don't work, and that's basically fine, but there's a conceptual difference between "This should be one underlying thing" and "This should be a group of things that at the moment happens to have only one member". There's no practical difference between them in terms of day-to-day usage, but there is a practical difference between them in terms of maintainability.

Similarly zero-member unions.

For what it's worth, this maintainability issue has now tripped me up. Actually, it happened about two days ago, and I only noticed just now.

I had an alias "Size-Small":

type = alias
remote = OneDrive:

A few days ago, I signed up for a pClone account, and so updated my config:

type = alias
remote = OneDrive: PCloud:

And uploaded some stuff. I had intended the result to be that the stuff would be copied to two places: OneDrive:/Stuff.stuff, and PCloud:/Stuff.stuff. Instead, it was copied to neither of those places, and instead to one single place, OneDrive: PCloud:/Stuff.stuff. That is, into a directory called PCloud: (with a leading space and a trailing colon) on my OneDrive account.

Obviously this would be moot if I were a more careful man, and had remembered that because I was adding a second remote, I needed to also change the Alias to a Union. But please consider these requests -- allowing zero- and one-member unions, and my other request of allowing intersections -- as they really would allow for improved maintainability.

if you wanted to experiment you can try commenting out these lines

Which check for 1 and 0 union entries and see how the union backend behaves.

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