Feature: New Serve NFSv3 Command


rclone already provides the feature to serve its various backends over a set of protocols (dlna,docker,ftp...)
I was wondering, if you would be open for an implementation that offers that over NFS (v3).

My personal use-case is fairly specific, but I hope such an implementation might have other users.
I saw some questions with that regard, and of course it is possible to do that via a fuse mount, and then exporting that.

But possibly integrating it might make things easier, and everything runs in user-space.

My use-case:
I have a OpenStack installation with Swift, which is used to store the VM images.
Now, I have a hypervisor (VMware), which can't read directly from Swift, but happens to be able to read NFS.

Implementing it in rclone directly means, that I can run the whole thing in a container without making it privileged.
I have started working a bit on it, just to get a better idea about the complexity:

Now the question, if it is worth to continue that work, and if you are considering it worthwhile to integrate is one part of it.
(The other if it even can be mounted on an ESXi host).


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This certainly sounds interesting.

Just today I was discussing an rclone NFS client also!

Yes it sounds like a good idea to me :slight_smile:

It's another step removed, but I think this is how the new macOS FUSE-T works. From their website

FUSE-T is a kext-less implementation of FUSE for macOS that uses NFS v4 local server instead of a kernel extension.

Alas, all of their stuff is in C (or the like) so it wouldn't be useful for rclone.

/Library/Application Support/fuse-t/bin/go-nfsv4

nfs server is in go

also encircle360-oss/rclone-nfs-server

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