Fastest serving protocol for mount?

I'm sharing files between computers (files are encrypted in the server and decyrpted only in me host).

I'm currently using ssh + sftp, and it's painfully slow. I sometimes want to git push to a mounted rclone volume and even the smallest of changes takes 10-20 minutes to be pushed.

rclone supports many ways of sharing files (webdav, sftp, etc.), and can serve the files directly.

What is the fastest protocol among these?

EDIT: added git to explain the context of push and fix typo.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say 'pushed'.

You have one remote setup that is your main one and are mounting that from others?
What version are you testing with?
What is your setup that you are testing with?
What is the flags/mount/serve setup that you have been using?

What are you type of files are you trying to serve? Are they small files / medium / large?
What's accessing them?

You're right. I was so deep into the issue that I used the word 'push' without context. I've clarified the message: I'm "git pushing" to a repo in the volume. The .git directory contains 5.6 GB, and 2284 files (so, just over 2.5MB per file in average, although pushing a change of just 1KB also takes a really, really long time).

Git is a pretty tough use case for rclone as it's ton of small files.

What are you serving from? Local disk? Cloud provider?

You aren't using a git repo I take it? Just trying to figure out the why/where rclone fits in.

On my local machine, I have a git repo.

On a remote, I have an encrypted volume.

I make the encrypted volume available locally via sftp, and mount it, locally, unencrypted. The server does not know the password for the volume.

I go to my local folder and git push to the mounted unencrypted volume, where there is a clone of the repo.

So, locally, I do:

$ ls -a my-git-repo/
file1 file2 file3 .git
$ rclone someremotecontainingthegitrepoencrypted: $PWD/mount
$ cd my-git-repo
$ git push ../mount/thegitrepo

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