Fastest Google Drive Upload

Whats the fastest single thread upload speed possible with Rclone and Google Drive?

I'm running a 10gb server, however single transfers seem to max out at around 50MB/s.

Currently using the following for rclone moveto settings:



Your chunk size is too low. Should be at least 256m

Thanks... Yeah I'm using my own ID.

I've changed the chunk size to 256M and it's increased the speed to about 70MB/s - thank you :slight_smile: Is there any downside to increasing it further?

Should I be changing anything else?

i would not know, i am just a lowly commoner, punished with only 1Gbps :upside_down_face:

try it and let us know...

256M should be enough to saturate 10 Gbps as it does with me

wow, if you saturate your connection, then @antigravity should.

so that would imply something else is going on.

Probably the tpslimit is not helping. Also it depends if he is uploading lots of small files/etc

You also need enough read performance obviously...could be the peering too

What's your tps limit? Do you have transfers set?

I can saturate my connection with multiple simultaneous file transfers - however I'm trying to maximise the speeds of a single file transfer. Files are large (GB's)

Peering is good (colocated) and reading off an M.2 NVMe

I don't use any tpslimit.

Google limits the speeds per transfer so you'll never max your bandwidth with a single file transfer.

Also, a single SSD drive is not enough to read at 10 Gbps. Assuming an average read speed of 3.500 MB/s that's only 3.5 Gbps

With multiple files, it's easy to max out a gig connection, and probably an even faster one, like in @random404 case. With single file transfers, --drive-chunk-size really comes into play. My default is 128M, but I mainly use that when I upload dozens of files simultaneously. For single files, you can use whatever number you want, up to just below the total amount of RAM you have available. It might also take a few moments to ramp up to the max speed.

This is the (mostly) default copy/move command used by RcloneBrowser, my preferred upload method:

--ignore-existing --verbose --transfers 4 --checkers 8 --bwlimit 95M --contimeout 60s --timeout 300s --retries 3 --low-level-retries 10 --drive-chunk-size 128M --stats 1s

I highlighted the flags that can/should easily be changed, depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

I guess that's my question - what is the Google limit for single transfers?

My NVMe benchmarks at around 8gbps on sequential read. I'm not trying to max out my google drive uploads to that level - but hoping to get more than the 50MB/s I was getting originally.

Thanks this was the kind of info I was after. Appreciate it.

I'm hoping to improve my single file upload speed. I have 1250MB/s of theoretical upload speed, but uploads to Gdrive are maxing out at around 50MB/s.

I've increased --drive-chunk-size to 1024M, and get single file speeds of around 75MB/s

Reduced --drive-chunk-size to 512M and get the same speeds. Around 75-80MB/s, sometimes a bit higher.

Then that's about as good as it gets. I don't upload single files much, but I'll let you know what I get on my gig connection the next time I do. It will be around the same, most likely.

Awesome thanks. I've noticed it can spike up to 100MB/s per file - which is double what I was getting beforehand. Thanks everyone

You confused gbit with GB
10gbit/s are 10x125GB/s so 1250GB/s so an nvme can do 10gbit transfers.

1 byte is 8 bit. That's why there is this difference.

Weird. I never do this math myself, just use google.

If you put 3500 MB/s to gbps it says 3.5 gbps

3500MB/s is only 28 Gb/s. Going from the big "B" bytes to "bits", just divide by 8.

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It seems google thinks MB/s to be megabit instead of megabytes