--fast-list supported hosts?

There isn't a clear documentation which hosts supports the --fast-list flag.
more specifically, does Microsoft OneDrive supports --fast-list ?

There is a feature-table somewhere that shows fast-list + other commands compatibility.
But the fact that I can't find it easily might mean we should be linking it directly from the description of fast-list to make it more obvious.

But one-drive does not support it no. If you can't find the command in the remote-documentation then you can be pretty sure it doesn't support it. Onedrive is in general really sparse on options.

Ah here they are:

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For clarification, --fast-list is denoted as ListR in this table.

ListR (presumably list recursive) is the technical term. fast-list is an rclone term (and I think a term many other programs also use). It means the same thing.


Gotcha.. Thank you very much.. :slight_smile:

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