Failed to rc: operation "cache/expire" failed: couldn't find method "cache/expire"


I have actually used cache/expire in the past to figure out the encrypted path & file name for stuff I wanted to delete. But for some reason, I get the following error now (rclone version included)

plex@plexbox:/opt/appdata/plexguide$ rclone rc cache/expire remote="Movies"
        "error": "couldn't find method \"cache/expire\"",
        "input": {}
2018/08/09 09:56:42 Failed to rc: operation "cache/expire" failed: couldn't find method "cache/expire"
plex@plexbox:/opt/appdata/plexguide$ rclone -V
rclone v1.41
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.10.1

rclone is mounted with this:

rclone --uid=1000 --gid=1000 --allow-non-empty --allow-other mount gcrypt: /mnt/gdrive --bwlimit 8650k --size-only --cache-tmp-upload-path=/mnt/.move --cache-chunk-size=32M --cache-info-age=168h --cache-tmp-wait-time=10m --cache-workers=5 --dir-cache-time=1m --rc -v

I also tried the rclone delete command but it shoots back this error. This is probably b/c I am using plexdrive with rclone crypt instead of the built in cache option. Scanning the directory was way too slow for me (probably my configuration).

Couldn't delete: remove /mnt/.encrypt/encrypt/9lqa8qs2kphinrs0pjvrhhloc8/m4t01kt7g6vmitqtfe7so0sfic/v8pjrsvt5cgev349htq05skc30/k8rnc3amuu0i0kmql1k4cu75g3e4d3t7nfi15dviqsoqcp6i57i9lqh2v56nv7cqka546c9ba74pq: read-only file system


If you are using plexdrive with crypt and not cache, then the cache/expire rc command won’t work since that goes to the cache subsystem.


I’d move to the current version to start.

What are you caching if you are using plexdrive? I’m not sure what your setup is.


It sounds to me like he wants to use cache/expire in order to find the encrypted directory’s encrypted name so he can go into the encrypted directory mount and delete it.

However if he isn’t actually running cache i don’t think the cache/expire option is going to get registered with rclone so likely isn’t going to work.

So if I’m reading that right, I think what he wants is a feature request for an rc command to return encrypted dir and file name when passed the encrypted name.


If you are using plexdrive though, you wouldn’t use cache as you are using plexdrive.

If you started rclone, you’d just mount the /plexdrive and decrypt it with rclone.


Exactly so using a cache rc command for trying to find encrypted filename is not going to work.

What I think he’s running into is that plexdrive is readonly so you can delete a file from plexdrive so he just wants to mount the encrypted gdrive share and just delete the file from there but needs to know that movies/Deadpool.mkv is actualy djdhdjcnksdjncnk/iuytycgcbbcyj to know what to delete.

So he wants a feature request to add the ability to return encrypted file name without using cache because what he is trying to do isn’t going to work since he isn’t using cache…


plexdrive 4 is read only. you can delete in plexdrive 5.


You sure? I thought they were all read only.


Yeah, positive. I had an issue opened with rate limiting opened: