Failed to mount fuse

When trying to assemble the team drive he has only a few arrows and nothing more, command line used: rclone mount seeds: /home/joaosantana/seeds --umask 022 --allow-non-empty --fuse-flag sync_read --dir-perms 0777 --file-perms 0666 --gid=1000 --uid=1000 &&

os: Pop os 20.10

ERROR : --fuse-flag not supported with this FUSE backend

What can I do?

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Should you have used only a single & at the end there, not two?

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he gives this other error

I'm mostly on Windows, so hopefully someone better suited to help will join..

Do you know what the --fuse-flag sync_read is for, and that you need it?

Have you tried the simplest possible case, to just see if that works:

rclone mount seeds: /home/joaosantana/seeds

yes but it still continues to give error.

That looks like there are files in your directory you want to mount. You'd want to remove those and make sure the directory is empty and not use the --allow-non-empty option.

The second permission error means you don't own the directory and probably created with root? Fix the permissions on the directory with chown.