Failed to create file system ... server misbehaving

Since I leaving for vacation I made a copy of my alpine / rclone + samba virtualbox VM on my notebook.
Just in case if peering from Israel to Hetzner is bad so I can play files locally but when I set it up today this is the error I get:

acd:~# rclone listremotes
acd:~# rclone ls acd:
2017/01/18 12:37:07 Failed to create file system for “acd:”: failed to get endpoints: Get Post dial tcp: lookup on **.20.224.66:53: server misbehaving

the IP above **.20.224.66:53 is my home IP and not the current IP i got on wifi where notebook is connected atm.

Is there a way to “refresh” endpoints. ?

p.s. Iam suspecting the problem is as probably all ports are closed on the WiFi my notebook is connected atm.

It looks like it is trying to use 20.224.66 as a name server.

Check /etc/resolv.conf to see what it says in there.