Failed to create file system for "s3:bucket": didn't find section in config file

I am new to rclone. I followed the instructions from the rclone official website.

I need to use rclone to backup files to cloud storage (AWS S3). I configured my S3 backend in rclone config file.

When I run rclone copy command, it gives me error:

Error: Failed to create file system for "s3:bucket": didn't find section in config file

Not sure why this error occurs. Am I missing something in the config file??

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Hi Lakshay,

You probably called your remote something else than s3 and it therefore cannot be found in your config file. Try rclone listremotes to find the right name and rclone config show to see how you configured it.

You may also want to try rclone version to check you have the latest version from

If this doesn't help then please post the result from all the above commands together with the debug output from the command you are trying, which I guess is something like

 rclone copy /some/folder s3:somebucket/some/folder -vv

Hi Ole,
I configured my remote name as "laksh". Below is the output:
Command: rclone listremotes
Output: laksh:

Command: rclone config show
type = s3
provider = AWS
access_key_id = xxxxxxxxx
secret_access_key = xxxxxxx
region = us-east-2
location_constraint = us-east-2
acl = public-read

However, I just used my remote name instead of s3 (which was my mistake) and rclone started uploading the source files to S3. Not sure how much time it takes since it is already more than 5 minutes and it is just stuck. :frowning:

Thank you so much for your help!!

I am now wondering can we use rclone to backup our linux machines and upload the backup to S3. Is it possible with rclone???

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yes, i use rclone for that.
recent backups goto wasabi.
older backups goto aws deep glacier.

tho it depends on what you mean by backup and recovery?
in my case, veeam backup files and .7z

rclone has some features, to create a simple backup.
tho recovery is not so easy, at scale.
this just a one-line simple example.

rclone sync /home/user01/source remote:bucket/current --backup-dir=remote:bucket/archive/`date +%Y%m%d.%I%M%S`

if you can explain your use case, i can try to help.
all my backups use
--- polices
------ IAM user polices require MFA login, through creating on-the-fly, temporary session tokens
------ bucket polices locked per user with limited permissions.
--- does not acls, such as acl = public-read
--- SSE-C encryption
--- creates a windows VSS snapshot and uses that as source

Alright Thank You. I am now able to use 'rclone sync' to sync my source files to aws s3 bucket.

My Use case:
I need to backup all of my PROD and PRE-PROD linux virtual machines and some of them are also physical boxes. I need to store the backup in AWS.

My questions:
Is rclone a worthy tool to use for backup such large number of machines and large data (which will go upto TBs)?

You mentioned that you use veeam for backup. I also explored this tool. Should I go for this tool for backing up our systems. Is the paid version worth it?
NOTE: My company focuses on open source tools. So, my first priority is to use a open source tool since they comes free of cost.

If I decide to go with rclone, can it perform the backup and then sync that backup to AWS S3? I mean since it will be production data, so will this tool be able to perform its job efficiently? (Since I see some errors in my test machine)

Can I use rclone to create a snapshot of my linux machine and then simply upload that snapshot to AWS?
Thank You !!

there is a free community edition, forum and is free for business use.
10 machines, physical or virtual.
veeam has this incredible, next level feature, instant restore

rclone is open-source, but could not hurt to support the author

yes, TBs are not a large amount of data. if you search the forum, will find a bunch of users with PiB

not sure how rclone would backup a running vm.

in my case, each location has a local backup server.
so veeam backups a running vm to the backup server.
then rclone copies that file to wasabi.
then on a cheap cloud vm, using rclone, move old backups from wasabi to aws s3 deep glacier.

rclone is not a real backup program, does not create snapshots.
imho, rclone is just a file copier with some other nice stuff.
on windows, i have a script that create a VSS snapshot and rclone uses that as a source.
so i am sure on linux, that would trivial.

that is what veeam does, tho not sure how it handles physical linux machines.

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