Failed to create file system for "local-crypt:"?

Hi there people,

I’m following the tutorial @ and I am trying to do the following.

  • mount my Google Drive under centOS Linux
  • encrypt files so Google has no idea what I am doing
  • I want to download files with JDownloader2 to /mnt/media and let Plex read it
  • I want the files to be stored in the Google Drive encrypted and I don’t want the files to occupy space on my linux box

I created two services.

Description=Google Drive

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/rclone --config=/home/plex/.config/rclone/rclone.conf mount --allow-other local-crypt: /mnt/media
ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -u /mnt/media



PropagatesReloadTo=plexunion.service plexmediaserver.service

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/plexdrive mount -c /home/plex/.plexdrive/ --cache-file=/home/plex/.plexdrive/cache.bolt -v 3 -o allow_other --max-chunks=250 --refresh-interval=1m /mnt/plex
ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -uz /mnt/plex


Mounting the Google drive works but when I try to start the rclone service I get following error.

rclone[5748]: 2017/08/27 13:49:10 Failed to create file system for “local-crypt:”: didn’t find section in config file

My rclone.conf file looks as follows.

type = crypt
remote = /mnt/plex/Plex
filename_encryption = standard
password = <pass>
password2 = <pass>

–> What am I missing?
–> Are those steps sufficient to achieve what I want?

Kind regards

OK, I was not naming my rclone remote local-crypt. That was my mistake.

Now I have everything up and running but…
…when I try to touch test.txt into /mnt/media I get…

rclone[8347]: 2017/08/27 14:56:26 ERROR : test.txt: WriteFileHandle.New Put failed: ope    /mnt/plex/Plex/<somehash>...permitted
rclone[8347]: 2017/08/27 14:56:26 ERROR : test.txt: WriteFileHandle.Release error: open /mnt/plex/Plex/<somehash>...permitted
  • How do I solve this?
  • How do I get Plex Media Server to read the files unencrypted?
  • How do I get video files downloaded locally but copied encrypted to Google?

I don’t even know whether I have the whole concept correctly. There are so many different, old and misleading tutorials on this.

Kind regards

Here’s what works for me at another provider. I think the [crypt] block’s remote, needs to point to the non encrypted Google remote created previously.

I’m using Backblaze B2… see how b2enc (encrypted remote), points to b2, and has the name of the bucket specified.

type = b2
account = xxx
key = yyy
endpoint =

type = crypt
remote = b2:bucket_name_here
filename_encryption = standard
password = aaa
password2 = bbb