Failed to copy: HTTP error 500 on JottaCloud

I'm copying over to JottaCloud one of my external drives.
It does the job correctly, but at a certain point it hangs with the following error:

Failed to copy: HTTP error 500 (500 Server Error) returned body: "{"code":500,"message":"Unable to open target=/var/lib/jotta/jas/dfs/dfs-042/807/4156919948/866/9598d0bda3aeb2367e61fb48416082fe for writing.","cause":"","error_id":"InternalServerError","x-id":"952552106675"}"

If I Ctrl-C and start again, rclone starts working again properly and it hangs again with a different file.

If I try to copy the single file, it will be copied just fine.

It hangs randomly to some files making impossible to copy because it hangs after few minutes.

I'm currently using rclone v. 1.49.1 on a MacOS X El Capitan.

The command I'm using is:

rclone copy /Volumes/xxx/ jotta:yyy --progress --copy-links

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time!



That looks like a fairly serious internal error from jottacloud - I don't think anything we can do with rclone will fix it. I suggest you contact support and ask them about it.

Thank you so much!
I will let you know as soon as they get back to me.


Just as a side note that might help.
Before what happened recently, rclone copied everything well for 24 hours or so without any interruption.


Just a little update. I have been talking with Jotta support. Long story short, they said it's an error on their side, but they don't know what is causing it and since they don't support third party software there is nothing they can do.

Any suggestion on how to proceed?

Thank you again!


What happens if you retry the copy? Does it work?

Yeah, they will copied. But eventually it will hang again with a different file.
Anyway, today it started working again properly (maybe), I didn't see any issue for 4 hours now.
Let's see how it goes.


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I have found JottaCloud to be unreliable with mass transfer. I tried to a largish ingest (12TB) and it took about 5 weeks to complete with only small gaps of 3-4 hours before a new folder was started. Basic maths on the 100mbps link should say this will take 14 days .... So even factoring for delays.... it should have only taken 3 weeks or less...... The reason i had to do it a folder at a time (about 500GB chunks) was the API Key kept “failing” and i had to generate a new one..... it did get better a couple of weeks ago when Jotta changed their API (which broke RClone....but was fixed quickly).... i was then able to just do a straight copy ....

When the data was there... recalling it in daily use was fine (slowish ..... < 7MB/s) but usable.... also with the more recent changes with Jotta “slowing” users with >10TB of data its always a risk....

Overall i have moved back to using GDrive..... its “cheaper” and more reliable......

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