Failed to copy: failed to open source object: path/restricted_content/


I'm drying to sync my Dropbox account and I'm receiving this error:

2019/11/10 16:38:32 ERROR : FILE/_/js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js: Failed to copy: failed to open source object: path/restricted_content/..

I have 14 files that present this error so at the end the process says:

ERROR : Local file systems at ROUTE not deleting files as there were IO errors


Any idea or suggestion you should give me?

Thanks very much.

I would like to ignore those files, is there any command I should add?


You can use the filters to include and exclude files

So you could exclude just the one file with --exclude FILE/_/js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js or all js files with --exclude "*.js". You can repeat the exclude file or put a list of filters in a file then use --exclude-from filename.

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