Extract files directly on remote. (Google Drive)

I've got a thousand of files zipped on Google Drive and I want to extract them on the same cloud. I've local-mounted the share with rclone so I have verified that I can unzip them one by one.
Is it possible to unzip them all without receiving a 24h ban?

Has anyone tried this? How does this process hit the Google drive API?

Thank you!

How much data are you taking about as the number isn't really relevant?

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2TB of data (near a thousand files all zipped). Mount is encrypted I don't know if that affects the GDrive API.

There isn't any magical way to unzip it without re-uploaded it to depending on how much compression you got, it would 750GB per day x number of days.

you might be able to use a google cloud compute virtual machine.
some rcloners have used the free version.

in that way, you will not have to use your local computer and local internet.

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