Experimenting a very irregular and slow copy speed

Hi there!

Last month I started a backup of my Nas to my OpenDrive account without no problem, but in the last few days I’m experimenting a very irregular and slow copy speed and I don’t understand why.

Here are the log’s:

And this is the way I’m using rclone:
rclone copy \
--config=/volume1/homes/admin/.config/rclone/rclone.conf \
--log-file=/volume1/homes/admin/rclone.test.log \
--checksum \
--exclude="/@eaDir/**" \
--delete-excluded \
--ignore-existing \
--transfers=1 \
--stats 1m \
-v \
/volume1/Videos/Series/Title\ \(Year\) \
OpenDrive:Videos/Series/Title\ \(Year\)

Anyone could help?

Thanks in advance and good day for everybody!

I couldn’t access your logs - I sent an access request via google (whatever that does!)

Is it possible you hit rate limiting at OpenDrive?

It might be worth trying some diagnostics like a traceroute to opendrive and trying to download a file from them and upload via the web interface to see if that is different.