Experience with the cache and equipment assistance

i have read here in the forum that many people use the cache of rclone what is the advantage of using the cache?
just because of the bans? if so, how exactly does it work and is there a workaround? it would be great if you could share your experiences and attitudes. up to now I am running dropbox and google drive without any problems the thing with the cache would be interesting for me.

The cache remote wraps another existing remote and stores file structure and its data for long running tasks like rclone mount.

If you have several apps (or users) accessing the same files on your rclone mount, the cache remote will increase performance (serving chunks of files from the local disk) and significantly lower access requests to the cloud remote.

thanks for the clarification, do you use the cache yourself? does the cache update itself even if yes from which interval? if someone has a little tutorial I would be very grateful.