Exclude folders with special chars

Hi guys,

I will go straight to the point: I happen to have a folder I sync against ACD that contains a folder called [[Downloading]]
This folder contains temporary files that get moved away from another application to the top level, as soon as a file transfer is completed.
Now, I would like to exclude this folder from getting sync’ed as it contains temporary files that I am not interested on until moved up.
The problem is the square brackets. The only way I was able for it to work was with this:
.\rclone.exe ls \\MyFolder --filter “- /Downloading/**”

But as you can see, this will exclude anything else that has got “Downloading” in its name, so before changing the temp folder name to use standard characters, is there a way for me to include the original name “[[Downloading]]”?
I’m on Windows and run it through powershell.

Many thanks

late i know, but you can escape the square brackets like so:
.\rclone.exe ls\MyFolder --filter "\[\[Downloading\]\]/**"

I’m late as well, this is probably the slowest post in forum history :slight_smile:
Many thanks! I went back to it today as I left it a few months ago, and I said to myself, let me see if somebody replied (I missed the email notification) and boom, yep, that did it!