Exclude files that are downloading and include only files in folders?

My TV folder is structured to hold both individual episodes and season folders. Id like to do two things when running rclone copy.

  • Exclude incomplete files
  • Only transfer directories (and the files inside them) and not the individual episodes in my tv directory

Solutions that don’t work for me:

min-age - This doesn’t quite as well since there are times where files continue to grow old despite being incomplete in the case of 0 seeds/queued torrents/paused torrents. Any of those 3 states will not update the Last Modified time and so it will get picked up by a rclone copy script with a flag such as --min-age 1d.

temp download directory as staging area - requires the transferring of files, changing locations automatically in rutorrent to seed, and adds unnecessary complexity + based on my drive pooling, it would cause 2x the read/write on my disks. Once when downloading, the second time, when transferring to the completed directory (most likely different hdd).

Is there an option I’m missing or is there no way to do this?

How about directory transfers only?

If it’s all the same physical disks, you can use hard links to copy completed files. Not sure why you’d have incomplete shows in a final folder as that is not quite standard.

If you are moving to different hard drives, that tends to be problematic as you can exclude things, but you need some logic to add an exclude filter for files in use.

How do you identify something isn’t in use? You can also build a list of files to be copied as an option to so you need to identify a list of files ‘done’.

I see, makes sense.

I guess I could do something like this:

touch -d "$(date -R -r filename) - 365 days" filename

using rtorrent’s system.method.set_key = event.download.finished

to add an year to the last modified time.

And then have rclone min-age be 1yr+, so incomplete torrent files would have to be stuck for almost a year before rclone transfers them.

Only transfer directories (and the files inside them) and not the individual episodes in my tv directory

and finally, any way to do this using exclude/include?

EDIT: I think /*/ does this. never mind.

@Animosity022 what does this line in your exclude file that is being called by your upload script do?


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