Exclude by hash?

Hi - if I have a list of hash’s either md5 or sha1 etc can I use an exclude file with that list to tell rclone to exclude or skip copying/syncing them?

I do not know of a flag to do that. This may be a better use of scripting and then --exclude-from. Especially since rlcone does not, by default, re-hash all files

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Thats what I figured - so my only issue with getting rclone to do the check-sums is how or what is the best way to only get the latest things ADDED to my remote regardless of the created, modified time? my thinking is that createdTime on a file might not always be the same as added - so what are my options?

Maybe --max-age`` ? Depending on what date/time value it’s using

Think I mostly found the answer here - does this still hold true (running on windows)

--max-age always works with modified time, not created time.

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