Exclude already uploaded

Is it possible like filebot to exclude already uploaded folders?
As now, my google drive has alot of duplicate movies so it would be great if that will be possible.

Rclone won't re-upload a the same file, but it depends on just a lot of factors and to accurately answer that question, the help template collects all the right information, which is why we have the template and I always wonder why a person refuses to use it :frowning: with all the stop and read info there.

You can also use filtering and exclude.

When i upload it goes to diffrent folders. I have /movie/year/week
As it it now, it uploads folder/files that i already uploaded in other folders.
I dont know what you are talking about when you say template?

I have use rclone for 2 years and never say anything bad about it or ask any questions, hehe.

The dedupe command with the new beta feature --by-hash will perhaps achieve what you want?

See also:

When you posted under help and support, you see this big template:

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