Exceeding the Citrix Sharefile 100GB Limit

In Citrix Sharefile, the maximum file size is limited to 100 GB and the file I want to send is 120 GB, is it possible to send it with rclone? How can I send?

(Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place, it's my first time using the rclone forum.)

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could try to use https://rclone.org/chunker/
The chunker overlay transparently splits large files into smaller chunks during upload to wrapped remote and transparently assembles them back when the file is downloaded. This allows to effectively overcome size limits imposed by storage providers."

It's also worth noting that if you're actually intending to share the file with others, this isn't likely to work well. Someone receiving the files would need to download the individual chunks, setup Rclone locally and re-assemble them using Rclone configured with a chunker on the local filesystem. Either that, or if Sharefile lets you share an entire folder and Rclone can be configured to access that shared folder tat would work too, but it still requires configuration on the recipient's end. This could get ugly if you're not addressing tech-savvy users.

If it's just for you to store files yourself and later download them, then it's fine. You can bring your chunker config to another machine's rclone.conf and it'll work.

First of all, thank you very much for your reply. So, when we split the file with rclone chunker and send it, do these files automatically merge at the sent location or do we need to do something again?

that is not possible as you stated the largest file size is 100GiB and your file is 120GiB.

let's call the file `file.ext and is 10GiB in size.

rclone copy file.ext citrix:folder --chunker-chunk-size=1G
this will split file.ext into 10 chunks to citrix remote
so there will be 10 files in that folder - the files will be named something like

rclone copy citrix:folder/file.ext ./dest
rclone will download 10 files, one file per chunk and merge them back a single file ./dest/file.ext

If the remote end is also using rclone with the same chunker configuration, it will re-assemble the files from the point of view of rclone. Thus why I said you can do this for your own purposes - e.g. if you want to push a 120GB file to Fileshare and then later download it on another machine yourself, you can bring your rclone.conf file with you to that other machine and it will work.

If the remote end isn't using rclone, then no, it's not possible to magically re-assemble the files.

I'm not sure if rclone actually adds any metadata to chunked files; there are tools that can take a handful of raw files and concatenate them together to produce the original file, but this won't work if any metadata is added to the files.

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