Example for rclone 1.57 together with autofs (without rclone-mount-helper-script)


since v1.57, there is no need to use a rclone-mount-helper-script.

Would someone be so kindly and give an example how to use rclone in auto.master, for example for mapping a googledrive.

I tried this one, but I do not get it running:

/mnt/google /etc/auto.gdrive -fstype=rclone,_netdev,uid=1000,gid=1003,dir-perms=0770,file-perms=0770,fast-list,allow-other,allow-non-empty,umask=000,vfs_cache_mode=writes,config=/etc/rclone.conf,cache_dir=/var/cache/rclone,rw,--timeout=0 --ghost

Gdrive1Folder :Gdrive1Remote:
Gdrive2Folder :Gdrive2Remote:

this shall mount the Remotes Gdrive1 and Gdrive2 to mountpoints /mnt/google/Gdrive1Folder ans /mnt/google/Gdrive2Folder
But it doesnt work

What is the correct value for -fstype= for rclone?

Thanks a lot.

Your request lacks any context making future answers meaningless for others. What is your OS version and architecture? What is Automount version?
When you find a working example that has a concrete context, feel free to @mention me. I will then include it together with context in the official docs in a future release.

when rclone and autofs is installed, the commands are independent from architecture, are the same on all systems, not?

when it helps: Raspian bullseye 32 bit, RaspberryPi4, autofs versin 1.5.7

I think my problem is that the command line in auto.master contains both, options which shall be interpreted by autofs, and option which are for rclone.
it's the same with fstab.

thank for freeing everyone from the boring "guess what matters" game.
let's wait for input from others now

Try removing this, we know that it can cause a problem sometimes.

It would be nice to have an autofs example in the wiki

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