Error with one drive

When copying to one drive from a mac, I often get the error:
Failed to copy: resourceModified: ETag does not match current item’s value
What does it mean?


The developer docs: aren’t very helpful here!

Sounds like file might be modified simultaneously. Are you running multiple transfers at once from different computers or something like that?

Can you post a log of it happening?

I don’t run multiple upload. I will post a log soon

I also got this error, also only uploading from one machine.

If you can post a log with the -v --dump-headers flags that would be helpful.

So run the command that fails with

rclone copy ... -v --dump-headers --log-file rclone.log

and post rclone.log.


On the second attempt it uploaded the files. The error message occurred only a few times while uploading many files, but I will enable logging when I upload something again to get more information about this. However this will probably be not very soon.

It might be just one of those cloud storage things that happens. That is why rclone does retries!