Error on Plex Library Scan using rclone Google Drive Cache Mount


Same performance :cry:


Are you using your own API key?


Google Drive API key? If that’s what you’re asking about then yes, I generated it yesterday.


And in the Google Cloud API console, you can see hits and such so it’s working?

If yes, than the issue is something on your VPS at that point.


But isn’t Google Drive different then Google Cloud?


If you generated your own key, you had to do that via the Google Cloud Console:

You’d see the metrics for the key in the API console to validate the use of the key.


Sorry, I don’t think I’ve generated an API for my account. I used the rclone’s config script.

Service Account Credentials JSON file path - needed only if you want use SA instead of interactive login.
Remote config
Use auto config?

  • Say Y if not sure
  • Say N if you are working on a remote or headless machine or Y didn’t work
    y) Yes
    n) No
    y/n> y
    If your browser doesn’t open automatically go to the following link:
    Log in and authorize rclone for access
    Waiting for code…
    Got code

Then I opened the link in the terminal and logged in. Will that make a difference?


That’s just authorization. The link below explains it.


I just created a client id, can you please let me know how I can add it to rclone.conf file?


You need to run rclone config and you can edit the remote you made.


Any idea how long it usually takes for the stats to show up on Google Drive API Metrics? I played a movie but still it’s showing “No data is available for selected time frame.” message.


Almost instant.

You’d need to restart the mount after you ran the rclone config.


While I try to figure out what’s wrong with Google API, I played a movie and check CPU performance using htop. Does it looks like my VPS cores aren’t that powerful?



It depends on what you are doing.

What are the specs on the VPS and what are you expecting ?


I’ve got LW-VPS 2 VPS from Bytesized Hosting. I was hoping to run 2 Plex streams smoothly.

Do you think that’s going to be an issue?


Doesn’t seem like you get that much CPU.


Any VPS suggestions that are around €34 that would serve the purpose?


Sorry, I do not. I have a dedicated system at home.


On the Byte Size page, I did see:

They seem to do plex hosting and are specific on streams, I have never used it and have no idea how well it works or not though.


I tried to play a movie directly from the server and it played within 20 seconds compared to when playing a movie using rclone from Google Drive.

[ag@3li tmp]$ sudo mediainfo Deadpool\ \(2016\).mkv
Unique ID                                : 224074918049734080195616372024872264671 (0xA893426B0A648389ACF405A6E12BE3DF)
Complete name                            : Deadpool (2016).mkv
Format                                   : Matroska
Format version                           : Version 4
File size                                : 19.5 GiB
Duration                                 : 2 h 13 min
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 20.8 Mb/s
Encoded date                             : UTC 2018-08-08 13:29:57
Writing application                      : mkvmerge v17.0.0 ('Be Ur Friend') 64-bit
Writing library                          : libebml v1.3.5 + libmatroska v1.4.8

I really think the server can handle streaming Plex. I think the issue is still with my configuration of rclone.