Error on Plex Library Scan using rclone Google Drive Cache Mount


Any idea if I’ll get better performance with Emby then Plex?


I don’t think the issue is your rclone config as you are using the same settings I’ve tested and tried.

Are you seeing the API hits in the console as well?


Wow 34 euro for a VPS? That kind of high priced for sad performance. If htop is showing that amount of CPU usage than 2 streams would be too much. If you only going to direct play it would be ok though as that’s not going to use a lot of cpu power.

If you want to spend 34 euro I would advice a root server from hetzner, ex42 line is 34 euro with 39 euro setup fee. Dedicated root server so the CPU power is all for you. If you want a VPS you can go much cheaper using hetzner, scaleway or others like that. I’ve used scaleway before, then switched to hetzner VPS’s and both where ok for 1 or 2 streams.