"ERROR : Ignoring --no-traverse with sync"

This is the backup script that I created with necessary commands to sync my files over to a B2 bucket.


rclone --transfers=64 sync ~/watch --exclude="others/**" b2remote:backups/watch
rclone --transfers=64 sync ~/download --exclude="others/**" b2remote:backups/download
rclone --transfers=64 sync ~/rtorrent.d b2remote:backups/rtorrent.d
rclone --transfers=64 sync ~/rtorrent.rc b2remote:backups
rclone --transfers=64 sync ~/start b2remote:backups
rclone --transfers=64 sync ~/old-rtorrent.rc b2remote:backups

And I am running the script with this command (to see how long it takes):

time ./b2sync.sh

After the script has completed running and the syncing (as it appears) is done, this is the std output in shell:

2017/07/15 02:03:18 ERROR : Ignoring --no-traverse with sync
2017/07/15 02:03:22 ERROR : Ignoring --no-traverse with sync
2017/07/15 02:03:26 ERROR : Ignoring --no-traverse with sync

real    128m54.594s
user    114m14.280s
sys     10m11.600s

As you can see, I am not using the --no-traverse in any of my commands. So why am I getting the error 3 times? What does it say? Is something wrong?

I realized that those errors were being shown for the rclone sync commands that I am using to sync files rtorrent.rc, start, and old-rtorrent.rc. That is because they are not directories. I don’t understand how I should change the commands to sync files individually.

It looks like you are syncing single files here. When your source is a single file it uses --no-traverse under the hood.

You can change the syncs to copy in the below and the message will disappear and it will run faster. You can’t really sync single files anyway.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks! :slight_smile: