Error from rclone

can anyone please help in, i got this error from rclone.
why i got this?

"error": "Update ReadFrom failed: sftp: "Failure" (SSH_FX_FAILURE)",
"input": {
"_async": false,
"_filter": {
"IncludeRule": [
"dstFs": "demo:/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Dst1/",
"dstRemote": "/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Dst1/",
"srcFs": "demo:/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Src1/",
"srcRemote": "/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Src1/"
"path": "sync/copy",
"status": 500

That is SFTP's way of saying something went wrong. It isn't very informative unfortunately. It is the server complaining about something.

Try with a debug log and see if you get more info.

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