Error Digital Ocean

Hello, i'm trying to use rclone with Digital Ocean Spaces, but doesn't work.

Command for Listing:

[root@srv-dell01 ~]# rclone -v ls DO:
2019/11/11 09:28:54 NOTICE: Time may be set wrong - time from "" is -1h0m17.385210847s different from this computer
2019/11/11 09:28:54 Failed to ls: RequestTimeTooSkewed:
status code: 403, request id: , host id:

My rclone.config:

type = s3
env_auth = false
access_key_id = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
secret_access_key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
endpoint =
location_constraint =
storage_class =
acl = private
provider = DigitalOcean

Can anyone help?

You need to make sure the time and timezone on your local computer is set correctly. It looks like it is 1 hour out so maybe the time is set correctly but in the wrong timezone.

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@ncw thanks for reply.

Really you were right....

Here in Brazil we had a mess with summer time.
I made the change and it worked.

Great, glad you got it working!

The S3 protocol used by digital ocean spaces needs an accurate time for the signing of requests.

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