Entire Company Dropbox Business to Google?

Hi. Most of the documentation I see for dropbox seems to assume a single user's account is being synced. I need to migrate the entire companies dropbox system to Google Drive Shared folder. I'm working on a migration for 40 users and about 10TB of data that is mostly in personal folders but shared with many other users. I'm not certain if I syncing every users data is supported or not. Of so, is there some docuemnation I missed somewhere? Thanks for any assistance!

On mobile, so not too elaborate.

AFAIK the easiest way would be to move all user data to team directories, and use rclone to copy to shared team directories on Google – and then move to the individual users.

Be aware of Googles file limit on team directories.

Sadly, getting the entire company to reorganize dropbox isn't going to happen. And as I'm just the admin and don't collaborate almost nothing in shared with me and the structure is rather opaque since I can only see a small portion of the files and folders.

You need to reorganize a bit if you're switching to google?

You could probably automate it, but it may take more time than doing it manually. It does require some sort of down time, but I would move all users files into their own directory on a shared drives, and then move that with rclone over to a shared drive there – and then each user can move the files from there.

It also looks like Dropbox API can give you access to all files on a team, so could be it's an easier way (when you figure out how).

What you can do is use the --dropbox-impersonate flag to pretend to be each user to migrate their files. Read the docs in that bit carefully - there are some gotchas!

So you'd have to run rclone once for each user to migrate their personal files.

I'd imagine you'd migrate the shared files to Google Shared Drives which seem like the equivalent concept.

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