Enocde 4-byte unicode characters

My remote does not support 4-byte unicode characters to be uploaded.
List of unicode characters -

[ u'\u21b9', u'\u21e4', u'\u21e5', u'\u2409', u'\u240b', u'\u0001', u'\u0002', u'\u0003', u'\u0004', u'\u0005', u'\u0006', u'\u0007', u'\u0008', u'\u0009', u'\u000A', u'\u000B', u'\u000C', u'\u000D', u'\u000E', u'\u000F', u'\u0010', u'\u0011', u'\u0012', u'\u0013', u'\u0014', u'\u0015', u'\u0017', u'\u0018', u'\u0019', u'\u001A', u'\u001B', u'\u001C', u'\u001D', u'\u001E', u'\u001F', u'\u007F', u'\u0080', u'\u0081', u'\u0082', u'\u0083', u'\u0084', u'\u0085', u'\u0086', u'\u0087', u'\u0088', u'\u0089', u'\u008A', u'\u008B', u'\u008C', u'\u008D', u'\u008E', u'\u008F', u'\u0090', u'\u0091', u'\u0092', u'\u0093', u'\u0094', u'\u0095', u'\u0096', u'\u0097', u'\u0098', u'\u0099', u'\u009A', u'\u009B', u'\u009C', u'\u009D', u'\u009E', u'\u009F' ]

Is it possible to convert these characters into some others characters by adding some offset like we do in case of (?) question mark or : colon

Below is the code snippet that is changing the (?) mark into its full-width equivalent.

Code path - rclone/lib/encoder/encoder.go

Which remote is that?

Is it all 4 byte characters that it doesn't support? If so it will need something a bit cleverer than the encoding.

You can use crypt with just filename encryption. Not really ideal but may work.

Is this Wasabi? I seem to recall they don't support them. I have to wonder why they would even care. I am not a software engineer (just a hobbyist) but why care about anything but the encoded bytes in the filename?

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