Enhancement: Support Dynamic Content Encoding in Azure Blob Storage Backend

Currently, the Azure Blob Storage backend in rclone sets a uniform content encoding for all objects, regardless of their individual characteristics. This enhancement request aims to introduce dynamic content encoding based on the object's characteristics, similar to MimeType or ContentType.

The proposed solution involves extending the Azure Blob Storage backend to support dynamic content encoding. Two potential approaches can be considered:

1.MimeTyper-Like Interface:

Introduce an interface, similar to MimeTyper in the fs package, named ContentEncodinger. Objects that implement this interface would provide their specific content encoding.

type ContentEncodinger interface {
   ContentEncoding() string

2. Merge fs.OpenOption with Source Object Metadata:

Implement a mechanism similar to how the S3 backend handles content encoding while uploading by merging fs.OpenOption with source object metadata. This approach would allow rclone to dynamically determine content encoding during object upload.

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