Encryption of a drive in Ubuntu

Hi guys.

If i make a clean install with Ubuntu Desktop, you have the option to encrypt the drive via LVM.
If the drive will be encrypted, will the rclone mount of Googledrive be encrypted as well?

My content is encrypted with rclone online , but what happends if I encrypt my new Ubuntu installation ?

Maybe a stupid question but I really dont know what would happen :slight_smile:


the files in gdrive are crypted with rclone.
if you upload a local file to the rclone crypt, rclone will crypt it during upload.
if you download a crypted file from gdrive, rclone will decrypt it during the download.

however, if your local file system is crypted with LVM, that downloaded file, like any local file, would be crypted with LVM, not with rclone

the rclone mount presents itself as a local folder, so any ubuntu application would see those files in a decrypted state

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Thanks for the good explanation :slight_smile:

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