Encrypted vs Unencrypted performance

So, this is the scenario:

  • The same folder on ACD/Google Drive encrypted and unencrypted.
  • My NAS (i3-3225 | 4GB RAM)
  • Plex/Kodi (for testing purposes)
  • High bitrate .mkv files
  • 200/100Mbps home connection

Every time I mount the folder with crypt, the streaming process kind of breaks, with numerous pauses for buffering during the media playback.

If I mount the folders with no encryption, there is less start up delay, no buffering, and smooth playback.

Now, I know that my cpu is not running at even 10% (avg. 3-8%), so my question is, why the huge difference in behaviour?

Is there an option/flag to increase buffering or cpu availability for rclone?


You are using rclone crypt ?

Yes, I’m using rclone crypt.

Can you try using my copy script and do it from crypt and then from normal to see the speed difference

And please add to your mount -v --debug-fuse --dump-headers --log-file=xxx for both cases so we can compare the logs.

Sorry, but I can’t run it as I’m mounting on a Synology DSM powered machine that doesn’t have a package manager per se to install “pv”.

Just use time in front of the rclone copy command and it will time the command and produce an output. Every linux-based distro (inc. DSM) should have this.


time rclone copy crypt:/path/to/file.mkv /tmp

and repeat without crypt. It’s not perfect but it should give you an idea.

Actually speeds were about the same in either case… (ranging from 4.1MB/sec to 4.5MB/sec)

One thing I don’t understand is why my rclone only downloads at 4.5MB/sec while if I download the same file via browser it will max out my connection at 24MB/sec.

Anyone has an explanation for this?