Encrypted backup in a external disk

Is it possible to encrypt a clone from Hardisk to a external Hardisk?

Something like: rclone C:\user\test\Documents F:\backup_encrypted


I’ve tried to create a local conf and a crypt conf but instead to sync to the external drive syncs to the same Disk.

rclone local:C:\users\test\documents local_crypt:F:\backup or
rclone C:\users\test\documents local_crypt:F:\backup

… creates the encrypted files/directories but in the root of the C: drive.


Set up your crypt local_crypt with the remote F:\

then rclone copy C:\users\test\documents local_crypt:backup

should do the trick.


I tried this method. Still creates a directory in the root drive of C:. In the C: drive it creates a folder of E. I’ve scoured the internet for a solution, but no luck.

It works for me with this conf

type = local
nounc = 

type = crypt
remote = disk:F:\Backup\Crypt
filename_encryption = standard
password = zzz
password2 = zzz

And this command:

rclone sync disk:d:\users\zzz\Documents cryptf:Documents

You need different crypts for different disk letters.

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Awesome thanks. I was able to rework it a little because I was trying to do a direct copy of my dropbox over to an external without going through the dropbox syncing.

I ended up not using crypt and used “disk”.
rclone sync DropBox: disk:F:\Dropbox-Backup

The .conf file was modified to include:
type = local
nounc =

The “disk:” in front of F: was what I was missing.