Encrypt existing unencrypted directory

rclone will have to download the files, crypt them and then upload them.

one workaround is to use a free/cheap virtual machine from google and run rclone on that.

thanks for the help i will try it out

thank you very much it worked

can you give me a link where I can register a free / cheap server? Is the traffic not included there if I transfer it to a gdrive afterwards?

  • what is the size of the data that needs to be crypted?
  • if the source remote and dest remote is inside gdrive, then could use one of their free/cheap virtual machines.
  • as i understand from google docs, you will not be charged data transfer fees.
    note: the onus is on you to read the fine print!

the smallest are a few kb and the largest 50mb

what i meant was the total size of all files that needs to be crypted?

i think about 20GB

is there a way to query the traffic via rclone, how much that is still available?

i think you mean, data usage of a remote, correct?
rclone about remote:
rclone size remote:

no, i want to know how much data transfer i still have available. The traffic is limited on google

There's no way to query Google to find out upload or download as they don't publish or share any of that information.

I do not want to ask what was uploaded or downloaded, but how much gb data transfer I had. or how much I still have available

From a rclone perspective, you have a log file that shows what was transferred.

I use -v and store a log file and you'll see this at the end:

Transferred:        4.479 GiB / 4.479 GiB, 100%, 22.654 MiB/s, ETA 0s

As an example.

That's what rclone can show you.

I'm not really following your question either though.


Isn't that what was uploaded and/or downloaded? How is that not the same?

Available what? I shared you can't see anything in Google in terms of your upload and/or download quota so that's not possible.

I don't want to know which files or file names I have transferred. I just want to know how much gb I've transferred. So whether I am not exceeding the traffic limit

I answered that above in my previous post and I'll repeat it again.

many thanks for your help

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