Encrypt / Decrypt Backup sets

Hi All,
I'm going to take hourly backups of a critical application Database to Gdrive and Dropbox. I have been asked to keep "Encrypted" backups to the cloud storage. I see rClone has encrypt function, however I'm not sure how the Decryption will work. Read through some posts, that implied I need rClone again to decrypt.

I'm trying to have redundant backups on two different cloud storage services, so that in case of breakdown, 'anyone' with access to backups and server can 'restore' the app / database on the fly. Is it possible to setup a 'common' Key / Password to those encrypted backups and share it along the 'admins' so that they can decrypt it whenever they want ?

Again, these 4 admins might be on Windows / Mac or Linux. I'd like to be able to decrypt / deflate these backups independent of rclone app, like through gzip / tar / 7zip/ etc.

Please educate me on who decryption works.


Rclone both encrypts and decrypts so you'd use rclone to decrypt as well as none of those tools have built in 'rclone decryption'.

one way or another you will need to use an app to encrypt/decrypt.
using 7zip, you will have to encrypt locally, then copy to cloud.
rclone does that in one step.

in addition, with rclone, you can keep the files encrypted on cloud, then mount that a local storage.
on windows, for example, rclone will mount the crypted folders as x:, use windows explorer to restore files.

yes, that is easily done.

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