EncFS eCryptFS or Rclone Crypt

I am currently setting up a system to both back up and share files over Box using Rclone and davfs2. Since not all the clients accessing the files will be necessarily using Rclone I am considering using EncFS or eCryptFS to encrypt the files. What are the useful differences between all of these? Is there a definite performance difference between any? Should I not use Rclone at all on the clients since I need WebDav to use Box anyway?

Edit: After further research it looks like eCryptFS has issues with non local filesystems. But CryFS looks very promising.

If you try the latest beta then you’ll find it has box support which might help :slight_smile:

If you find any problems then please note them in this issue.

Holy Guac!, Thank you! I had figured I would have to learn GO this summer for box support to be a thing. I will test this as soon as I get home today.

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