Enable to mount remotes offline in case a vfs cache exists


i am trying to use rclone to facilitate my "google drive sync" needs.
That for i mounted the remote with vfs-cache-mode full and it works pretty good if network drops while remote is mounted.
But if i do not have internet upon boot i wont be able to mount even though i've a full cache available.


A network based remote expects the network to be up.

In Linux, you add something like:


The cache mode is just files so it doesn't keep the directory cache persistent so there isn't a current way to do that, plus to be honest, adds little to no value since it's a cloud based tool for remotes so network connectivity is somewhat assumed here as it needs to do things like refresh keys, etc.

I get your use case but it's very edge in terms of having an 'offline' type remote and not in the real intent of rclone.

You can by all means submit a feature request but the backlog is huge, edge case of use (just in my opinion) so just trying to set real expectations.

You might be better off just 'sync'ing data every x minutes/hours/etc.

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