El Proovedor vera mi contenido montado con rclone?

Good, I have a question, I have a vps with an anime website, but I want to upload anime content obviously pirated, I want to know if I mount my GDrive with rclone and encrypted, and in the terminal you see all the anime in /home/gdrive , the vps provider will see the anime in your vps? I have the doubt if the provider that I am paying will see the content there and close my account, because in gdrive is encrypted, but not in the vps.

hello and welcome to the forum,

yes, the vps provider will see the decrypted files in /home/gdrive

Thanks for the welcome, how can I show the encrypted files in /home/gdrive? and play it on the web?

might try rclone serve http and then no need to mount to /home/gdrive