Easy way to move from Gdrive to Dropbox

Hi All

Im looking to make the move to dropbox
Im thinking I will maybe move all content over but that will take a long time and the 10tb limit will make that a slow slow process

I was wondering if anyone had an easy way to use these in tandum in the meantime without a huge config modification

My current setup is
Mergerfs Local and Gdrive
Script to move stuff from local over to grive on regular instances

Ideally id like to just add the dropbox to that stack and change the script to move to dropbox instead of gdrive

im not super familiar with how mergerfs would handle this if i create folders of same name in the dropbox I "hope" thats all i have to do but i want to see if anyone else has tried similar


I am also planning to migrate from Google Drive to Dropbox soon. I have a friend who has a subscription and I tested it using his account.

I used rclone config to set up Dropbox on my server, I also created a crypt with a different password, just to test what would happen. Then I used rclone copy from gdrive > dropbox. I got around 650mbit/s transfer speed.

How much data do you have in gdrive? Using both locations at the same time during migration sounds dangerous. Why not copy from gdrive to dropbox daily using a script. Once all the data is copied, change the mount to dropbox instead? I haven't used mergerfs myself but that's how I will do it with my server. I have around 110tb to the copy will probably take like two weeks for me

Hi @lisim,
I use union in the following way:

type = union
upstreams = google_media_crypt::nc dropbox_media_crypt::nc /home/yendor/rclone/local

I then mount the union i.e.

rclone -- mount media_union: $HOME/media

In the background, I'm transferring (move) files from Google Drive to Dropbox. It's important to note that as you access Google Drive in normal operation, you're contributing to the 10TB/24hr download limit. I've reached this limit a few times while transferring files.

To prevent hitting the limit, you can adjust your --bwlimit on the move. This allows you to allocate sufficient bandwidth for your regular usage while the transfer is taking place.

and if you would like to join a Dropbox team drop us a message in a PM, as I have a open slot.

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