Easiest way to get list of files transferred

Trying to setup all my plex boxes with google drive but as we know you can’t let it scan or you will get banned.

I upload from 1 box to five remotes, what’s the best way to get the files that are actually transferred with each run, so that I’m not trying to scan before it gets there

I have a script but its a bit complicated since iam generating list on one server then upload that list at end of rclone move and read from it on another server.

I can clean it up and make it work for one script only.

That sounds kind of like the setup I need, do you use the rclone log to find the files? That actually got sent ?

Look forward to checking out your script.

No I basically check the upload folder for new files (older then 15 minutes ) and if they are there I make the list and then run rclone move and after upload the list to the mount. My other script is checking in cron if any new list is available.

p.s. I did not understand you have 2 server setup, because if you do it on same server you can solve it in Plex with partial detection.
Let me know before i start cannibalizing my scripts as i do some other custom stuff there as well eg:
Check if File already exist on mount and delete video and subtitles for it etc…

No im on one upload server and three different plex servers that all need updates

For the initial setup i would just do the full library scan and take the ban. even when you are band you can still add media to the library you just cant playback media.

I also use a pretty complex script system on my seed box that in the end sends a text file to my plex server and i have another script on my plex server that uses that file to launch a plexscanner commend to update only that new content.

I got account lock on my fresh amazon.co.uk account yesterday so could not remake the script.
I was in process of optmizing the script on plex side since reading was done directly on mounted drive and once read it was deleted with rclone delete … that caused up to 5 minutes down time since mount would still have file cashed. ( since mount is read only i cant delete it directly to avoid cashing )